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Parent Expectations


The parents of FC Legacy players are expected to:


  • Be cheerleaders.

-   Please refrain from sideline coaching. The game is challenging to learn and difficult to play.  Directions from parents are a distraction. Only one coaching voice/coach is needed. 

-   No coach can compete with a parent, nor should they have to. 

-   Encourage the whole team.  Every player needs encouragement throughout the game.

-   Allow the game to be the kids’.  On the ride home from practice or a game, please avoid coaching in the car.

-   Please remember that every player is someone’s child.  Treat each player, on both teams, as you would like your child to be treated.

  • Encourage their player(s) to build a relationship with the coach.

-   Help your player address concerns directly with their coach whenever possible.  No child will ever be penalized for asking questions or expressing concerns.  

  • Address concerns with their child’s coach, yet never right after a game.

-   Emotions can run high after a game, especially after a tough loss.  Allow some time to pass before discussing a situation with the coach.

  • Do not address the referees.

-   Referees never change their minds.

-   Referees know the game and are in a better position than parents to make calls.

-   A referee’s job is very difficult and disrespect makes it worse.   We need referees in order to play games, please do not drive them away.

  • Allow players to make mistakes.

-   More learning happens through failure than success.  Allow your player, and all of the others on the team, to make mistakes.

-   Fear of failure destroys development and the passion for learning.

  • Let it be the kids’ team. 

-   Your goals and aspirations may have nothing to do with why your child plays soccer.  Please let them enjoy their experience.

  • Have players at practices and games BEFORE the scheduled start time.

-   Have your player at games 20-30 minutes early and practices 5-10 minutes early and ready to go.  Start times are when activities begin, not when shoes should be put on, jerseys changed, or water bottles filled.  Minutes equal teachable moments and small teachable moments matter. 

-   If you know you will be late, please communicate with your team’s Manager and Coach.

  • Allow your player to determine if you are going to discuss their practices or games. 

-   Children do not need, nor do they enjoy, dissecting a game or practice once it is over.  The only thing a child needs to hear from their parents is, “I love you and enjoyed watching you play today.”

  • Encourage an honest effort, a positive attitude, and a focus on the team. 
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