All about the types of offers in football betting

As football is the most popular sport all around the globe, there is no wonder why gambling on it may be highly beneficial. Actually, it’s not difficult to win on such a betting, though any gamester must know the basics of the industry and the discipline. Here we will try to describe the main types of football stakes and their particularities.

The general types of football bets

Indeed, the market is full of various offers. Among the ordinary ones are:

  • on the winner of the match;
  • on the exact result;
  • on the double chance;
  • on the halftime or final result;
  • on the number of goals (over or under);
  • both crews score;
  • on the first scorer;
  • etc.

You don’t have to master all these markets, that’s why let’s review them one by one. Also it’s crucial to consider that not everywhere you can find such stakes to place on, so choose the bookmaker precisely.

What is ‘the winner of the match’ football bet about?

If we are talking about football betting, this is the main one, as well as in other sports like basketball, handball, rugby, etc.

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Though the compound of the offer may vary depending on the bookmaker, usually the gamester is supposed to select one of the following three options:

  1. ‘home’ crew victory;
  2. a draw;
  3. ‘away’ crew victory.

As a rule, the bet is valid for the regulation time. However, there are also exceptions, for example, when the match ends in overtime, penalties are present, etc. For this reason, there are several strategies for football gambling.
In many cases, bookmakers offer a cashback promotion for those results that are decided at the extension and break the winning stake. In this sense, it’s better to make a pre-event analysis.
The odds for football matches usually vary depending on who is the favorite. When one of the two opponents is infinitely stronger, the odds are very low, but when the prediction is more uncertain, the odds are more even and stable.
All in all, the key is to analyze the statistics of the two crews (their shape, place and motivation)
before the event. But remember, that the possibility the ‘home’ team will win is always slightly higher.

What is ‘the exact result’ football bet about?

In football gambling markets are free to offer the exact result stakes.
As a rule, a list of possible results on matches, like UEFA, ranging from a minimum win to a goal are shown.
Unlike the previous stake, the odds are usually high because of the complexity of the offer.
To succeed, gamesters should examine previous results of both opponents, like scoring goals statistics, the numbers of respective forwards, etc.

What is ‘the double chance’ football bet?

Here the gamester has to choose two options out of three:

  1. ‘home’ victory;
  2. a draw;
  3. ‘away’ victory.

If you focus on the team with the lowest odds (thus the favorite), double chance may be very profitable for you.
Also an option called ‘without a draw’ is included, so you can stake on one of the two teams and in the case of the draw to return the bet amount.
Keep in mind that the odds in this type of football betting are usually slightly lower than the triple option. However, if you are barely learning how to gamble, there can’t be a better opportunity than this.

What is ‘the halftime or final result’ football bet?

Multiplicity of offers are included here, for instance:

  • if there is a draw at halftime and one of the two crews wins at the end;
  • if one of the opponents is in the lead in the second period or vice versa;
  • if some crew gains an advantage in the first period and holds it till the end of the match.

However, always remember that prior analysis and study of context are crucial because you are not able to know all the nuances beforehand, some crews usually gather pace in the second period, while others lead another playing style.
So you should analyze the opponents’ previous results: how many times they won at halftime, how many comebacks they got or how many losses they collected in the final minutes. Among the types of football betting, this is one of those that require further analysis.

What is ‘the number of goals (over or under)’ football bet?

It’s one of the classic markets. The main task is to guess the total number of goals scored in a meeting, whether they will range from zero to two goals, more than two or three goals, etc.
Gamesters have to pay special attention to shots on goal and be able to estimate whether one team outperforms the other. There are no football matches today that we can predict just knowing or relying on the famous name of the teams.

What is ‘both teams score’ football bet?

This market is closely tied to the previous type. It consists of predicting whether both teams will score or not. That is, it consists of guessing whether the two crews will score goals during the match. In this case, in order to make a stake, it’s necessary to analyze previous meetings.

What is ‘the first scorer’ football bet?

Here bookmakers offer a list of players and chances to be the first scorer. The ranging is made from more likely ones with lower odds to less likely ones to score with higher odds placed. There can be even triple digit cases.
In order to lead betting in this market you should figure out which players usually throw penalties, foul, as well as the percentage of goals on the ball game (corner, foul, etc).

So which type of bets to choose to succeed in football gambling?

There can be no strict answer. The game result depends on many particularities not only of the sport, the opponents, but the outside conditions, like weather, etc.
But it doesn’t mean that no gain is possible. The industry gives a heap of opportunities to make money almost effortlessly. The main thing is to be open to broaden the outlook and study constantly.